Pudus Tencel Modal Pajamas

Pudus Tencel Modal Pajamas

Our passion for sustainability is at the forefront of all Pudus products, and that’s highlighted by this new collection. The entire line is made out of Tencel fibers which are sustainable and naturally comfortable.

Tencel branded lyocell fibers are known for their softness and environmentally responsible closed-loop production process. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing fabric!


Tencel lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources that are harvested from certified and controlled sources using a closed-loop production process.

Tencel lyocell fibers have gained a positive reputation for their environmentally responsible closed-loop process that transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibers with high resource-efficiency and a low ecological impact. This solvent-spinning process recycles processed water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%!

The Tencel modal fibers are produced using Eco Soft technology making textiles extremely soft. The technology uses chlorine-free bleaching in an integrated pulp to fiber process that has a high recovery rate of process ingredients, making this fiber an environmentally responsible choice.

The fibers used in Tencel are more absorbent than cotton. This allows the body’s natural thermal regulation to keep your skin feeling cool and dry throughout the day. Tencel lyocell fibers are extremely soft to the touch and offer long-lasting comfort; an important factor in all Pudus products.


Apart from Tencel being a sustainable fabric, there are so many reasons why clothing made from Tencel is an obvious choice. Tencel fabric offers:

  1. Enhanced breathability - Tencel fibers are extremely light and help support your body’s temperature regulation through moisture management. The natural fibers are structured to absorb and release moisture, making the fabric breathable and keeping your skin feeling pleasantly cool and dry all day and night, regardless of season!

  1. Long-lasting softness - With Tencel fibers’ sleek cross section, these wood-based textiles offer extreme quality and softness to the touch. Modal fabrics have a high flexibility, resulting in a naturally soft quality to the textile, even after repeated washing!

  1. Colour retention - Colour pigments embedded in Tencel dyed fabric retain vibrant colour that’s long lasting and less prone to fading than conventionally dyed fiber, even after repeated washing.

  1. Fabric strength - Many fabrics are prone to breaking down over time, but Tencel fibers are versatile and distinguished by their greater strength and durability among other fibers making your wardrobe last longer.

  1. Feel-good fabric - With Tencel Modal fabrics, your mind can be at ease knowing that you’re choosing a sustainable and natural fabric for you and your family!
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