What is a Pudu?

What is a Pudu?

Baby Pudu picture - What is a Pudu?

Our product is named after the world's cutest and smallest deer: the Pudu. The Pudu stands at just 13-17" high at the shoulder and weighs up to 25 pounds.

Pudus are herbivores and live in the temperate rain forests of South America.  They are solitary except during mating season and usually produce single offspring.  Fawns are born with distinctive white spots which fade as they mature.

Pudus are excellent jumpers and sprinters and bark when they sense danger.  Native predators include owls, foxes and cougars.

Recently, Pudus have been classified as an 'endangered' species due to the destruction of their rain forest habitat for cattle ranching and increased human activity.

Luckily, Pudus have been successfully bred at numerous zoos worldwide in attempt to increase the Pudu population.