Football Season Returns, Get Your PUDUS Ready

Football Season Returns, Get Your PUDUS Ready

With the return of football comes a new Sunday routine dedicated to sitting on the couch watching modern-day warriors go toe-to-toe on the gridiron in high intensity competition. As these men battle, inflicting pain on each other with every play, standing face-to-face with foes for hours on end, we watch in our PUDUS. PUDUS slipper socks are great for watching Sunday football because they provide us with comfort and warmth as we watch America’s game unfold from our living room.


Sundays should be about relaxing. The week is stressful and there is always a lot to do. These days it seems like everyday counts, but Sundays have always been the day of the week to relax and recharge. Football makes it easy to do so as it provides a full day of entertainment for you to watch while sitting on the couch, allowing your body to recuperate and prepare for yet another busy week.


Football provides something to watch on every Sunday as you relax, perhaps get over a hangover, and prepare for the week upcoming. The season is seventeen weeks long, and each week that goes by takes us deeper into winter and closer to freezing temperatures. Although the players are outside playing through high winds, rain, snowfall, and anything else Mother Nature throws at them, we are inside watching the game in our PUDUS. The slipper socks help us stay warm as we marvel at the players toughness and ability to make big plays even when their hands must be frozen. PUDUS slipper socks are warm enough that your feet will not get cold even as the temperature on Sundays cools with every passing every week.


PUDUS are stylish enough that you can wear them while watching the game with your friends without drawing too much attention to your footwear. If attention is brought on, it will surly be your friends asking where they can get a pair. Slipper socks create a good type of envy among friends, because when December rolls around, who would not want their feet covered and warmed by PUDUS with their faux-fur lining, uplifting and fun designs, and gripped soles. With the grips on the soles of PUDUS, you can casually throw the pigskin around the living room during commercials without worrying about taking an embarrassing tumble. Pudus have you gripped to the floor so you will not slip even if you have to dive to make the catch.


With PUDUS on, you can watch Sunday football in total comfort without getting cold. Pudus allow you to focus on the game while resting up for yet another busy and exciting week. They are the perfect weekend companion and complete the relaxing environment only found on Sundays in front of the television watching the NFL. When you watch your favourite teams face off this weekend, be sure to wear your PUDUS. They can only make the experience better.

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