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Sunday Morning in my PUDUS

I woke up to the sound of rain. A few glasses of wine on Saturday night had put me
in need of some extra comfort. I rolled out of bed, slipped my phone into my pocket,
and put on my PUDUS slipper socks. My mood increased just from feeling the faux-
fur lining. PUDUS are so soft, comfortable, and warm. They were my first step to
entering my comfort zone on this rainy Sunday morning.
In the kitchen I boiled some water and prepared a French press coffee, one of my
favourite things to have on the weekend. The no-slip grip of the PUDUS held my feet
steady on the hardwood as I poured the boiling water over the ground beans. As the
coffee brewed, I headed to my bookshelf, in the living room, in search of a book to
read. I searched for something light and entertaining and found the perfect book:
The Prisoner of Azkaban.
I plunged the French press and poured myself a cup, mixing in a teaspoon of cream.
With my cup and book clutched in my hands, I went back to the living room and
found the switch for the electrical fireplace. The fire flicked on in an instant. Then, as
the final step in perfecting comfort, I stretched out upon the couch. No blanket was
necessary, as the PUDUS and the fire were enough to keep me cozy and warm.
The coffee was a perfect temperature, and Harry Potter was off on his adventure.
Lost in the pages, I do not remember any time passing, but as Harry was about to
arrive at Diagon Alley, my phone vibrated. A message from a friend: “brunch?” it
read. I looked at the time and saw it was past noon. I looked out the window and
saw the rain had gone with the morning. The sun now illuminated the world
through broken clouds. Two cups of coffee had been digested and the idea of an
egg’s benedict, or waffles with strawberries and syrup, seemed more than
appealing. I replied positively to my friend.
I felt joy in the idea of brunch, but alas, in despair, I removed my PUDUS in favour of
more appropriate outerwear socks. I did not want to leave my PUDUS behind, but
thus are the breaks of brunch on a Sunday afternoon. It was okay, though, as I was
relaxed due to a morning spent reading in my comfortable and cozy PUDUS.

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