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PUDUS Gift Basket Ideas

PUDUS on their own can provide a good, quick gift. They are reasonably priced and
can be purchased easily online or in store. However, PUDUS slipper socks can also
work in collaboration with other gifts to make a great multi-gift present, like a gift
basket. Gift baskets work great for a variety of occasions including birthdays, charity
auctions, and retirements. The following are some ideas for gift baskets involving
The before-bed reader package: a copy of All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony
Doerr; a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to Chapters; a bottle of 2012 Merlot,
winery of your choice; a pair of PUDUS slipper socks.
The early-morning reader collection: a one year subscription to your local
newspaper or a magazine of your choosing (may I suggest Harpers); one pound of
dark roast coffee; a coffee cup; a pair of PUDUS slipper socks.
The full comfort package: a set of pajamas; a blanket; hot chocolate; a pair of PUDUS
The stargazing collection: a copy of The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide by Terence
Dickinson and Alan Dyer; a twenty-five dollar gift card for the Apple App Store (to
purchase a few of the available stargazing apps, such as SkyView); a pair of PUDUS
slipper socks.
The classic movies package: copies of Annie Hall, On the Waterfront, Doctor Zhivago,
and Chinatown; a one-year subscription to Now Playing, A Viewers Guide to Turner
Classic Movies; a package of popcorn; a popcorn bowl; a pair of PUDUS slipper socks.
The dessert-master collection: a copy of Tartine by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad
Robertson; a couple packages of high-quality chocolate; an ice cream scoop; a bottle
of ice wine (Inniskillin makes a renown bottle); a pair of PUDUS slipper socks.
These are just a few ideas for where you can fit PUDUS into gift baskets. The great
thing about PUDUS is that they are relatable to any hobby that deals with comfort or
relaxation. If the gift-basket recipient loves puzzles, pair a couple puzzles with a
puzzle mat (like the “Puzzle Roll-Up” found on Walmart’s online store) and a pair of
PUDUS. The slipper socks can only increase the comfort and relaxation a person
receives from their hobby.
Priced below twenty-five dollars, PUDUS add a nice compliment to many gift basket
ideas. Their comforting nature, combined with their stylish look and unique concept,
make PUDUS a welcome addition to a great variety of gift baskets. If the theme
revolves around something relaxing or comforting, then PUDUS will most surely fit in
with the rest of the presents.

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