Back-to-School Requires Pudus

Back-to-School Requires Pudus

Whether you are a student or a parent, back-to-school season is a dreaded time of

year. The days become shorter, the nights longer. The temperature drops, as does

skin tone and health. Light bags of beach towels and sunscreen are replaced with

backpacks weighted down with textbooks, laptops, and agendas. It is never a

welcome transition, but it is one that is unavoidable. However, PUDUS Slipper Socks

are here to remind you that comfort can be found even during the most dreaded

times of year.

For students, after months of relaxation and minimal responsibility, the return of

homework, early mornings, and the Monday to Friday routine can come as quite a

shock. There is not much to look forward to for a student in September. Ahead lies

nothing more than hours spent in the dark of winter studying under lamplight,

writing essays, and exploring mathematical formulas with the utmost frustration. It

only gets colder, darker, and more monotonous as studies continue through the


Meanwhile, the parents must make the lunches, buy the school supplies, attend

parent-teacher meetings, and attempt to get the kids back on a schedule. All of this

added to the year-round workload already assumed by parents at their jobs, an

aspect of parent life that children are so quick to forget. For parents, there is rarely

any break from the Monday to Friday routine, or the early mornings. Their

homework is making sure the kids do their homework, which is not always an easy


All this stress can add up. However, PUDUS Slipper Socks are here to remind you that

school stress need not be overpowering. The days pass and the world keeps getting

colder, but PUDUS provide a consistent source of warmth for your feet that will keep

you comfortable even when school starts to get you down. Homework is hardly ever

enjoyable, but that does not mean you cannot be comfortable while performing this

unavoidable task. You want to be comfortable to ease the stress of deadlines, and

PUDUS are not only comfortable but they are also warm. Their faux-fur lining is what

insulates your feet and keeps them cozy even when school seems dedicated to

driving you crazy.

Parents, as you wake up extra early to make the sandwiches and wake the still-in-

denial children, wear your PUDUS to keep you in a state of Zen as the day quickly

turns hectic. Why must the kids seem to do everything opposite of what you tell

them to do? You tell them to wake up and they sleep in; you tell them to eat their

breakfast and they play with their food; you tell them to hurry up and they drag

their feet. Thus is the life of a parent but what can we do? Wear your PUDUS and

hope for the best, I suppose.
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