5 Tips for a Positive Mindset and Healthy Life

5 Tips for a Positive Mindset and Healthy Life

How has it been a year since the pandemic started!? It seems like just yesterday when we all started to hoard toilet paper and work from home. We’ve now had a whole year to learn to adapt and try to adjust - but things haven’t always been easy. Luckily, things are finally starting to look up, but we aren’t totally there yet! We want to help make your daily lives better with these 5 tips for a more positive mindset and healthier life.

1. Look Good = Feel Good

We know you have heard this a million times, but we really do believe it! Looking good doesn’t mean putting on a ton of makeup and getting all dolled up. It can just be a small amount of effort made to make you feel more confident through the day. This could be changing out of your pajamas, and into some legging, jeans, or a nice sweater. It can still be comfortable, but feels good to get dressed! Just giving yourself an extra 5 minutes in the morning can make the world of difference for your mood throughout the day. 

2. Set Goals

This doesn’t need to be a big goal. It could be something to complete by the end of the day, or the end of the month. It could be as simple as eating healthier that day, or completing 10 workouts by the end of the month. It could also  be a goal of spending more time with family, whether that’s on the phone or in person. It feels good to set something and achieve it. Bonus points for writing it down and being able to put a big check mark next to it once it's done!

3. Be Grateful

At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, think about all of the things you are grateful for that day. Even on bad days, we can still dig deep and find good things. You can be grateful for your family, your health, your relaxing day, or perhaps that your day is over. You can be grateful (and encouraged to be) for the small things, like that cookie you had after dinner, or the hug your daughter gave you, or the cuddle you had with your pet. Allocating time and thinking about the things you have in your day to day life can really make you realize that even in the darkest of times, there is still so much light.

4. Be Kind to Your Body

Physical and mental health go hand in hand. If we have poor physical health, it can directly affect our well being mentally. Exercise helps us sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, increases our overall energy and stamina, and overall improves our mood. Speaking on behalf of personal experience, if we are having a bad day and push ourselves to do a workout (even when we don’t want to) we feel like a new person at the end of it. Exercise helps clear the mind and feels like a reset button on a bad day. Eating healthy and exercise also go hand in hand. We can’t expect to fill our bodies with garbage, then feel totally better after a workout. If we have the right diet, all of the benefits of exercise - stress relief, increase in energy, etc. - will be pushed to their full potential. This doesn’t mean you should never treat yourself. Diet is all about balance. If you want that cookie, you should have the cookie! Just don’t eat the whole box in one sitting ;)

5. Self Care/ Me Time

We have all heard of ‘me time’ which probably seems like a foreign concept to some people, but it is so important! We can’t expect to give an adequate amount of love and care to others, if we can’t give it to ourselves too. If you are a parent, you probably love nothing more than to see your children happy, relaxed, smiling, and laughing! Well, they also want you to feel these things as well. It might be difficult at first, but even setting aside 15 minutes a day dedicated to just you, will make a difference. We normally find self-care and comfort go hand in hand. That could mean taking comfort in a nice warm bath, or wearing your favourite pair of cozy Pudus while you read a book or watch your favourite show. Whatever brings you happiness and joy, you should do! Everyone needs a little reset time, and there is no proper way of doing it. Self-care looks different for everyone. Don’t feel judged or silly telling those around you that you need it, because it is anything but selfish. It will actually help you do your daily tasks better, when you are in the proper mental state. 

We want to help you stay on track and maintain a positive, healthy mindset. We have created this daily checklist below that you can screenshot and print. Complete each day with your notes and tasks, and add those big fat check marks (that feel so good) at the end of the day. Reward yourself, you deserve it!

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